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Harbert Wins Chris Thater Memorial 5K

Chris Thater Memorial 5K
Binghamton, NY
August 23, 2014

1st Place Harbert Okuti 14:29
3rd Place Abiyot Endale 14:32
7th Place Joe Gentsch 15:10
2nd Place 40+ Joseph Ekuom 16:19
3rd Place Female Aregash Abate 17:07
4th Place Female Grace Kahura 17:13
8th Place Female Libby Lazare 18:13
16th Place Female Lindsey Russo 20:09
John Efthimiou 29:21 (PR)
Peter Efthimiou 32:30 (age 8)
Ina Efthimiou 33:42
Michelle Efthimiou 34:55


Abiyot and Aregash Win Percy Sutton Harlem 5K

Percy Sutton Harlem 5K Run
August 23, 2014

1st Place Abiyot Endale 14:22
6th M25-29 Umar Saeed 16:46
1st Place Aregash Gubae 17:20
8th M40-44 Tony Cuervo 18:02
2nd M70-74 John Samsel 22:30
Megan Bourassa 24:17


Lindsey Wins AFC Half Marathon

America’s Finest City Half Marathon
San Diego, CA
August 17, 2014

1st place Lindsey Scherf 1:14:33


Leadville Trail 100 Run

Leadville Trail 100 Run
Leadville, CO
August 16, 2014

18th place, 4th M40-49 Bob Sweeney 20:51:12


High Street Mile

High Street Mile
Newburyport, MA,
August 3, 2014

Men’s Mile
3rd Place Abiyot Endale 4:07
5th Place Joe Gentsch 4:15
Women’s Mile
2nd Place Grace Kahura 4:55
Masters Mile
1st Place Joseph Ekuom 4:33


Join the Voices 5M

Join The Voices Against Brain Cancer Health Walk
5 Miles
Central Park
August 10, 2014

1st Overall Woman Aregash Gubae 29:26
1st M50-54 Conor O’Driscoll 29:03
3rd place, 1st Masters Julie Mcelroy 31:58
1st F50-54 Kate Lyons 34:19
Stuardo Sinibaldi 36:40
2nd M70-74 John Samsel 39:04


Scenes from Running Camp

2014 Summer Camp Photos



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Photo collection courtesy of Deborah Burman

NEW! 8/7 Photos – Warmup

NEW! 8/7 Photos – Workout

Abiyot Wins New Milford 8 Miler

New Milford 8 Miler
New Milford
July 26, 2014

1st Place Abiyot Endale 36:23


New York Giants Run of Champions 5K

New York Giants Run of Champions 5K
MetLife Stadium
July 20, 2014

2nd Place Abiyot Endale 14:21


Summer Biathlon, Sprint 4K

Summer Biathlon, Sprint 4K
Day, NY
July 12, 2014

First Grandmaster Female (50+) Stella Medina 29:08
First Grandmaster Male (50+) Robert Grubin 34:38

Event Site

Short primer: Summer Biathlon styled after Winter X/C ski biathlon. Run 3x1500m rugged trail loop, some very steep short hills. After first loop stop at range, shoot .22LR at 50m prone 5 rounds, for every target missed must run 100m penalty loop before heading out to run 2nd 1500m loop. After second loop stop at range to shoot standing, 5 rounds, same penalty for missed targets. Run final loop…as fast as you can :) Note to Self: need more practice at the range!!
— Stella